Generalization tactics

Generalization tactics are ways teachers can strategically support student use of skills acquired to authentic but discerner situations. For example, a student might be able to follow a conversational script with a teacher in the classroom, but needs support for recognizing when to use the script with peers on the playground.

Embedded Opportunities

Embedded Opportunities, also referred to as “Behavior Traps” are a generalization tactic where an educator creates a situation where a student can practice social skills in their day-to-day activities and receive natural, positive reinforcement to support continued use of the skill.


Train Others to Prompt and Reinforce

Training others to facilitate prompts and reinforcements is a strategy that instructs individuals across school and home environments to employ identical prompts and reinforcements to support student social skill generalization across settings.


Recruit Reinforcement

Recruiting reinforcement is a strategy to teach learners to elicit positive feedback for a given social skill.


Teach Multiple Examples

Teaching multiple examples is a strategy that uses a variety of responses and examples in order to teach a social skill under different environmental conditions.

Contrived Mediating Stimulus

A contrived mediated stimulus is a teaching aide that is used in the instructional setting to teach a specific skill, and then used in different settings to elicit the same skill.