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VOISS Advisor is designed to support educators with the implementation of the VOISS virtual reality app and the subsequent practice and generalization of the skills learned in virtual reality to real-life settings. VOISS Advisor offers educators the opportunity to build their capacity for knowing and teaching social skills to middle school students through how-to, instructional, and modeling videos, implementation guides, classroom stories, a robust database of lesson plans and a lesson plan builder that helps users locate specific lesson plans that they can customize for their own use with students.


The VOISS app offers educators, students, and their families 140 social skill scenarios that teach knowledge and understanding of 10 Social Skill Domains and 183 unique social skills. VOISS is a virtual reality learning experience that features a number of support for students, educators, and families to further learn and apply social skills in the classroom and greater school setting.

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VOISS is a virtual reality experience that uses social situations and scenarios to effectively teach social skills.


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Dive into VOISS, a virtual reality experience that uses social situations and scenarios to effectively teach social skills.


Explore instructional methods, generalization tactics, and instructional supports that you can use to help educators facilitate student generalization of learned social skills into the classroom.

Classroom Stories

Discover lesson plans, student examples and teacher stories designed to help you contextualize social skill needs for your students.

Advisor Tool

Utilize our robust lesson plan search tool to locate, download and edit lesson plans to support your students.

Lesson Plans

Advocates for Self

VOISS lessons provided Rico with examples of self-advocacy skills. He learned that self-advocacy involves speaking up for yourself, asking for information to understand things that are important or interesting, and reaching out to others for help.  Rico was...

Understanding Personal Space and Boundaries

During VOISS lessons, Jackson learned to stay four feet away from people unless he knew them well. He also learned that if someone leans away from him, he has probably crossed into that person’s personal space and is making them uncomfortable. Ms. Thomas created a...

Can Identify Needed Supports and Knows Strategies for Obtaining These Supports

During VOISS lessons, Brandy learned to ask for a calculator in math class. However, she was not asking for other necessary academic supports.  Mr. Zamarrón created a lesson to help Brandy practice the skills of identifying needed supports (Self-Regulation Skill 16)...

Deals With Transitions

During VOISS lessons, Archie learned to intermittently monitor the clock during his 90-minute classes and anticipate the bell for transitioning at 90 minutes. However, Archie was still arriving late for class. When he did arrive on time, he often did not have...

Maintains Relationships

During VOISS lessons, Brandy learned to categorize friends and acquaintances. She learned it’s okay to talk to friends about small details and events in your life, and it’s okay to ask friends about their lives, too. She also learned that acquaintances are people with...

Can Identify the Size of a Problem

During VOISS lessons, Rico learned to describe different problems as small, medium, or large. For example, getting a bad grade on a single assignment was a small problem, losing his backpack was a medium problem, and an active tornado was a big problem.  Ms. Rao...

Identifies Consequences and Evaluates Responses to Situations

During VOISS lessons, Todd learned to pause for five seconds when presented with a new situation. This allowed him to consider the impact of his behavior on others and to choose an appropriate action. Todd consistently applied this skill in VOISS lessons, but Mr....

Seeks Attention Appropriately

During VOISS lessons, Todd learned to raise his hand and say, “Excuse me, [Mr./Ms. Teacher’s Name], can I talk to you for a minute?” Before these lessons, Todd had often made rude comments during class that disrupted the learning environment. During VOISS training,...

Accepts Corrective Feedback

During VOISS lessons, Brandy learned that corrective feedback is helpful because it teaches her ways to be a better student. Specifically, she learned to make a list of corrective feedback she received and incorporate this feedback into future assignments.  Mr....

Uses Observation to Identify Expected and Unexpected Behaviors

During VOISS lessons, George learned there was a difference between his definition of unexpected behaviors and what was considered generally unexpected. With the new perspective provided by the lessons, George learned to differentiate between generally expected (i.e.,...


Frequently Asked

How much does VOISS and VOISS Advisor cost?

VOISS is free for download in the Apple and Google Play stores and VOISS Advisor is a federally funded project and it currently free for use!

What age level of student can use VOISS?

VOISS was designed for and with middle school students who struggle with social skills. Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder needing level 1 supports, as well as students with learning disabilities have been the primary users thus far. High school students and adults can find success with VOISS as well.

I want all of my teachers to use VOISS and VOISS Advisor with any student in our middle school who struggles with social skills. How do we get started?

First, we recommend that you learn more about VOISS using the resources at VOISS Advisor. If you have a professional development leader who has questions, please complete our Contact Us form and we would be happy to work with you as you roll out use.

I am a school district interested in using VOISS, how do I get started?

You can download the Apple or Google Play App under Offerings>VOISS>VOISS and VOISS Access and use the resources within Advisor to support your implementation efforts.

My student has finished the scenarios I assigned to him, how do I support generalization into the classroom.
Advisor is designed to support educators as they create lessons for classroom generalization of learned skills. Use the lesson plan builder tool to search by keyword, find a lesson plan similar to your student’s needs, download it and adapt it to be individualized for them and you.
Who created VOISS and VOISS Advisor?

The VOISS team is primarily located at the University of Kansas and is in partnership with Syracuse University and Digital Buckeye.

Want to Work With Us?

Through our work we have entered into several partnerships with school districts and universities. If you are a company, school district or researcher and are interested in working with us, please contact us:

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