Overview of Behavior Traps

Embedded Opportunities, also referred to as “Behavior Traps” are a generalization tactic where an educator creates a situation where a student can practice social skills in their day-to-day activities and receive natural, positive reinforcement to support the continued use of the skill.

Implementation Guide

Additional Resources

“Gotcha!” Twenty-Five Behavior Traps Guaranteed to Extend Your Students’ Academic and Social Skills

This article describes the characteristics and uses of a behavior trap, identifies the five steps involved in setting up a behavior trap, and lists twenty-five practical behavior traps to use with students.

Josh: 7th Grader: Case Study Using the Implementation Steps

This quick case study lists seven implementation steps for aiding students with behavior mastery and a social narrative worksheet to use with students.

Correspondence Training Using Special Interests to Increase Compliance During Transitions: An Emerging Technology

In this article, researchers describe how students’ special interests can be used for correspondence training and discuss different implementation strategies to use during times of transition.

Using Perseverative Interests of Individuals with Autism to Unlock their Hidden Potential

Created by Bobby Huffman, an intervention specialist at Upper Arlington City Schools, this downloadable PowerPoint presentation aims to explain how to use students’ special interests to aid in their behavioral, academic, and skill development.