Voiss app

The VOISS app offers educators, students, and their families 140 social skill scenarios that teach knowledge and understanding of 10 Social Skill Domains and 183 unique social skills. VOISS is a virtual reality learning experience that features a number of support for students, educators, and families to further learn and apply social skills in the classroom and greater school setting.


VOISS is a virtual reality tool designed to help middle school students learn and practice social skills. Click Learn More to find out information on VOISS, how-to support materials, and a portal to download VOISS on an iPad, Chromebook or Oculus headset.

VOISS Inventory

The VOISS Inventory determines learner social skill needs and identifies an entry point to the VOISS virtual reality app.

VOISS Progress Monitoring

The VOISS PM Tool helps educators track student use as they navigate the various social skill scenarios central to the VOISS App.