Direct Instruction

Overview of Direct Instruction

Direct instruction is a teacher led instructional approach consisting of systematic step by step teaching procedures that are delivered in a sequential manner.

Implementation Guide

Additional Resources

1. National Institute for Direct Instruction

The National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) is the world’s foremost Direct Instruction (DI) support provider. This website provides information and resources for administrators, teachers and parents to help them maximize student achievement through DI.

    2. Direct Instruction Information

    Published by the Cannon Beach Academy, this article describes five reasons why direct instruction might be a beneficial teaching method for your student.

    3. Direct Instruction Introduction Video

    This four-minute video, created by the National Institute for Direct Instruction, provides a brief introduction to the concept of direct instruction.

    4. Direct Instruction Tutorial Video

    Published on the TeachLikeThis YouTube channel, this three-minute video introduces the four-part process involved in direct instruction.

    5. Direct Instruction Overview Slide Deck

    Created by the VOISS team, this Google Slides presentation is designed either to provide individual educators with an overview of direct instruction or for instructors to introduce the concept to a group of educators.