visual support

Overview of Visual Supports

Visual Supports is a strategy that capitalizes on the visual strengths of learners by providing various types of pictures or illustrations that support desired information.

Implementation Guide

Additional Resources

OCALI Visual Supports Module

The Austism Internet Modules, created by OCALI, guide users through case studies, instructional videos, pre- and post-assessments, discussion questions, activities, and more. Please Note: To access these OCALI modules, you need to create a free account with OCALI.

Social Thinking Website

This library of visual support resources includes files (websites, activities, printable materials, etc) related to the areas of self-regulation, social narratives, incentive/reinforcement plans, visual schedules and cues, graphic organizers, and structured tasks.

Earlywood Educational Services: Visual Supports Library

This Conversation Map, a printable resource created by OCALI, provides a guide to help an individual initiate and maintain an interaction with others. The Conversation Map takes into consideration the perspective and interests of others to support social problem solving.

OCALI Autism Center Intervention Resources

For those interested in purchasing visual supports for their students and/or classrooms, this webpage features a variety of different visual supports, which can be filtered by age group.

National Autism Resources

Similar to the resource above, this webpage features a variety of different for-purchase visual supports, which can be filtered by age group.

Visual Supports Video Presentation

This fifty-minute presentation recording, created and presented by Laura Ferguson, helps viewers understand of various forms of visual supports they can use in the home, classroom, or community.

Milestones Autism Resources Toolkit

This downloadable tool kit, created by Milestones Autism Resources, defines a variety of visual supports and how they can be used to help increase communication.