Overview of Prompting

Prompts are additional teaching techniques used to increase the likelihood of desired behaviors when the individual isn’t responding to the general instruction.

Teachers in Action – Least-to-Most Prompting

Teachers in Action – Most-to-Least Prompting

Implementation Guide

Additional Resources

Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network: Prompting

Located on the Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network website, this two-minute video shares the different levels of prompting involved in behavior shaping and skill acquisition. The webpage also includes a downloadable document that provides an overview of prompting.

How to Use Prompts Effectively and Efficiently

This article, published by the Autism Helper, provides an overview of prompting and identifies six different methods of prompting: full physical prompts, partial physical prompts, modeling, verbal prompts, gestural prompts, and visual prompts.

Autism Internet Modules-OCALI

The Austism Internet Modules, created by OCALI, guide users through case studies, instructional videos, pre- and post-assessments, discussion questions, activities, and more. Please Note: To access these OCALI modules, you need to create a free account with OCALI.