I am the primary caregiver and legal-educational decision maker for my child. On the IEP team I serve as an advocate for my child’s education. I collaborate with the school so my child can have as many opportunities as possible to experience success in and out of school.


My child’s SPED teacher told me about the VOISS app and Advisor website. At the last IEP meeting she showed me a video about VOISS and the website. She wanted to be sure I knew why the IEP team wanted my child to use this program and its many benefits. I have found the “Classroom Stories” page to be the most useful for me.

Here’s how advisor has made my planning easier:

Here’s what I love about the Classroom Stories…

  • The “Parents Perspective” section on this page is very helpful. It gives other IEP team members insight as to how these skills affect my child and family’s life outside of school.
  • The “Supporting skills” section helps me understand what each social skill domain is referring to, with real life examples.
  • The “Lesson Plans’” section on this page gives me great ideas for topics of discussion at my child’s IEP meetings. For example, when asked what concerns I have; I can say, “listening without interrupting.” I saw that it was a lesson for the communication domain and I know that’s a skill my child needs help with.

Here’s My Route:

Website Map:

  • Teach Social Skills-> Classroom Stories-> Parent Perspective-> supporting skills-> lesson plans