Consultant or Coach

(such as: Autism Specialist, Behavior Specialist, Instructional Coach, Curriculum Coach)


Give direct support to a teacher or team based on individual needs. Build capacity within teachers so they can implement the strategies they have been trained on with multiple students. Provide district/agency training in multiple areas of instruction, behavior and curriculum.


I have familiarized myself with the VOISS Advisor website to the point where I can navigate it fluently. This is so I can be a resource for my teachers when they have questions about anything VOISS related and train them to use VOISS Advisor content. I also use videos and resources from the “evidence-based practices” tab in trainings for teachers, paraprofessionals & support staff. In addition to the content on Advisor I use the website to read FAQ’s and ask tech support related questions related to the VOISS app.

Here’s how advisor has made my planning easier:

Within the lesson plans I…

  • Use the “definition of the social skill” to help write BIP goals & benchmarks for students, based on areas identified in the VOISS screener.

Through the “VOISS App” tab I…

  • Access the “VOISS Inventory ” button which takes me to the portal. There I can see the social skill domains covered. I guide my teachers to use the inventory results to build students’ programming based on areas prioritized.
  • Access the “VOISS Progress Monitoring Tool.” I help my teachers become familiar with the graphs and data displayed here. Once a student has mastered a skill in the app, we then start planning for generalization. The Progress Monitoring portion of VOISS allows us to make data based decisions.

Here’s My Route:

Website Map:

  • VOISS Tab->“VOISS Inventory”-> Overview video
  • Teach Social Skills->Lessons Plans-> Definition of Social Skill
  • Evidence-Based Practices-> Instructional Methods-> Role Playing
  • Home-> contact us-> send us a message
  • Home-> contact us-> FAQ’s