Administrator or Coordinator


I am in charge of supervising teachers, student programming and developing policies/procedures for my building. I also communicate with parents frequently. On IEP teams I am the LEA representative. When I visit classrooms I ensure the content being taught is age-appropriate, aligned with standards and is relevant to student’s individual needs.


I have combed through the VOISS Advisor website for the purpose of gaining understanding as to what content my teachers are using with students for social skills generalization. The Classroom Stories page has helped me understand how this curriculum can be used in the school setting. Also, I have accessed the “Lesson Plan” section to view individual lesson plans. When reading the lesson plan I focus on the “VOISS Advisor Lesson Plan Outline” section. When I am in classrooms I know what social skills are being worked on and it gives me ideas on how to best support the teachers and students in demonstrating social skills.

Here’s how advisor has made my planning easier:

Use the…

  • Classroom stories as case studies for collaboration meetings/training focused on social skills.

I created a…

  • Walk-through checklist with strategies from VOISS lessons to use when visiting classrooms during planned social skills instruction time.

Here’s My Route:

Website Map:

  • “VOISS App→VOISS & VOISS Access→Learn More” watch the demonstration video as an example of VOISS app