Counselor or Social Worker


I support students through individual and group counseling sessions. The sessions focus on social skills, coping skills & resilience. Also I provide support/resources to the family, through the school and community. At times I am a member of a student’s IEP team when the team feels my services can benefit the student/family.


I really like the peer coaching, role playing and prompting strategies used in the VOISS lessons. I work with students in SPED and General Education and I have been able to incorporate more peer coaches into my sessions. The lesson plans and classroom stories within VOISS Advisor are age respectful and align with what really happens in the school environment. I use the topics presented in the lessons (i.e. gossip statements, joking vs. bullying) when holding my sessions with students.

Here’s how advisor has made my planning easier:

My favorite feature of VOISS Advisor is…

  • Lesson Plan builder; I’m able to type in topics, keywords, a CASEL standard & several lessons pop up. It makes planning very practical and less time consuming.
  • The Standards Crosswalk, as a part of our district’s mental health initiative we pay close attention to the social-emotional standards being taught. I use the crosswalk to see which standard the lesson plan/skill aligns to, based on my state standards.

Here’s My Route:

Website Map:

  • Teach Social Skills-> Lessons Plans-> Gossip